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CPRF Miami Beach High BBQ

February 19, 2021 at 9:30:00 PM

CPRF Miami Beach High BBQ

Members and Supporters,
Event: Outdoor BBQ
When: Friday, February 12th & Friday, February 19th at 4:30 pm EST
Where: Miami Beach High School Football Field
Here's the WHY--
On February 5th, CPRF representatives (Al Eskanazy and David Wood) visited Miami Beach High School.
While the purpose of our visit was to meet the Police Officer (SRO-School Resource Officer) at the school, while there, we also toured the school and were brought to the football equipment room--where to our surprise, the equipment and uniforms were about ten years old. Due to continued washing and age, the uniform colors (Red and White) had bled into each other, creating a "pink" uniform. We came to understand that the players have endured continuous ridicule over this. Moreover, the safety equipment, including helmets and shoulder pads, was outdated and no longer effective in providing their intended safety measures.
CPRF requested a zoom call with the PTSA Board to discuss these inadequacies. The Board advised that there is no State Education funding allocated for team uniforms and safety equipment. These items are to be provided by the School Board, not the PTSA, and or supporters/sponsors. Simply put, there is no budget for support of the Miami Beach High football program.
An assessment suggests the program's financial need is approximately $40,000.
Our CPR Foundation Executive Board has approved $10,000, which will provide fifty Riddell uniforms (25 home & 25 away). The new uniforms will proudly carry our CPRF badge logo and make us the Miami Beach High football program's official sponsor.
We will also lobby the city for additional funds to bring new safety equipment to protect the young players best. We anticipate the city will make this a long process. As such, we ask that our CPR Foundation members activate to consider new member recommendations--Perhaps Miami Beach High alums or football enthusiasts who may take particular pride in joining us to answer our call to action...These new 2021 membership dollars could provide the needed Beach High safety equipment expeditiously.
We invite CPRF members to join us, meet the team and its supporters, including the Officers who first brought their needs to our attention.

When: Friday, February 12th at 4:30 pm EST & Friday, February 19th at 4:30 pm EST
Event: Outdoor BBQ at the Miami Beach High School football field
Why: To announce our support and raise morale for the team and its coaches.
Who Are Invited: All CPRF members, supporters, and friends are welcome.
Expect to meet: The Team, Coaches, PTSA Board Members, and Officers from various jurisdictions.
RSVP: Al Eskanazy at or via text or phone call at (516) 661-1000

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