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FBI tracking suicides in law enforcement

August 9, 2023

FBI tracking suicides in law enforcement

The FBI recently released its report for 2022, collecting data from 22 law enforcement agencies. The report indicated that there were 32 deaths by suicide. Al Eskanazy, Chairman and CEO of the Community Police Relations Foundation, says this data is limited.

"There are many more than that, and when you think of the department, you can't just think of New York City with 36,000 officers, you have to think of the smaller departments, the 20 or thirty member departments," said Eskanazy.

The study highlighted potential contributing factors for these suicides, including depression, burnout, and relationship problems. The average age of those who committed suicide was 43. Eskanazy says witnessing horrific scenes plays a key role.

"He now has to go or she now has to go home to their family, spouses, and their children, so, how do you deal with that trauma, how do you deal with that trauma," said Eskanazy.

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