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Community-Police Relations Foundation, CPRF

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About Us

Community-Police Relations Foundation, CPRF

The Community-Police Relations Foundation (CPR Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) non-political, philanthropic organization dedicated to building bridges between the community and law enforcement. The Foundation’s action-based grassroots approach revitalizes the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by connecting them through a variety of outreach initiatives, including charitable donations, educational and scholarship programs, food drives, mental health and wellness programs, educating communities on human trafficking and by supporting programs that confront criminal animal cruelty.

In collaboration with law enforcement, the CPR Foundation has fed thousands of families, created educational opportunities for under-served youth, donated essential items, including school supplies and bicycles, and delivered relief and support for officers and their families in distress. These actions improve interactions between the community and police, promote mutual trust and understanding and foster stronger, safer neighborhoods by highlighting the humanity in all of us.


Since its inception, CPR Foundation has expanded beyond South Florida and New York City and began footprints in Chicago, Los Angeles and Camden, New Jersey.

At the CPR Foundation, we believe in enhancing our standard operating procedure (SOP) by prioritizing three key elements: people, purpose, and process. This approach ensures we can deliver high-quality results by promoting teamwork and collaboration.

Community-Police Relations Foundation, CPRF

2024 Program Spotlight

Our History

Our Members are an integral part of the grassroots work that we do. 

In 2018, passionate about making a difference in the community and on a mission to dedicate his retirement to purpose-driven grassroots betterment of society, Al Eskanazy conceived the idea of a charitable organization that would bridge the growing relationship gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve. 


Together, with fellow philanthropists Barry Skolnick and Joe Depell, two charitable foundations were born;- The Greater Miami-Miami Beach Police Foundation and New York's Elite Police Foundation.  


As its board of directors expanded to include a powerful team of like-minded individuals, including Executive Board Chairman Peter Hochfelder, Treasurer Marc Farbstein, Secretary Jeff Meshel, Director & Chair of Finance Scott Prince, and Directors Glenn Hechler, Bryan Sanders, so did the geographic reach of its mission. Impacting communities in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Jersey and wanting to remove geographic barriers from their names, in 2020, the two entities merged to become the Community-Police Relations Foundation (CPR Foundation).


Today, the Community-Police Relations Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, operates nationwide and stands out through its unique approach to fortifying community and law enforcement relations. We achieve this through impactful outreach, active participation, engaging events, and life-changing scholarships.

Operational Excellence

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